Saturday, December 10, 2011

Born Pretty Video

Hey guys check out my new video on a review on a nail stamping plate from an amazingly affordable website BORN PRETTY STORE

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Gifts For Her - A Guys Guide to Sigma Beauty

Well the holidays are nearly here and I thought I would start a series of blog posts to help the guys in our lives choose the perfect gift for the special women in their lives. So ladies send this post link to their emails so I can help you by helping them.

The big question for most guys is "where do I start?", so to make this easier on all you gentlemen I've chosen Sigma Beauty Online as our one stop shop. The beauty about Sigma Beauty is that they ship internationally, their affordable and specialize in makeup brushes. Now in my own opinion and experience in working in cosmetic retail most girls/women who use makeup or who are interested in using makeup love brushes but a lot of the time they will skip buying them as they think they can save money by just using their fingers and the little sponge applicators cosmetics come with (which are big no no's) but trust me when I say that deep down inside they truly do want them. Even if your girl already has makeup brushes they still make amazing gifts as us women can never have enough brushes in the same way you men can never have enough work tools.

But I'm sure now your asking "great, I'll go with brushes but I have no idea which ones to choose?", well fear not gentlemen because I've got it all sorted out for you all by breaking it down by categories to help you choose which one you think is the closest to your special lady so keep reading and I'll share my recommendations...


The Bashful Beginner This lady is definitely interested in makeup but doesn't really know what she wants so my advice is to stick to the basics.

The Complete Kit with Brush Roll - Black is an excellent choice for beginners as it will cover everything she will need in getting started. It retails for $109US and is a very good price considering some other brush sets out there can reach $300 or more.

However if $109US is out of your price range then the Travel Kit Nice in Pink will still win her over although eventually she will need to purchase some more brushes. What did you say? She doesn't like pink? That's fine it also comes in black Travel Kit in Naughty for the same price. They retail for $49US each.

The Material GirlThis girl loves everything to do with makeup, pretty much knows what she's doing and may seem like she has everything already but in-fact she probably doesn't and in her mind she definitely doesn't lol. Interestingly enough I fall into this category =D

Chances are she doesn't have the Dry'n Shape and because of her extensive knowledge she knows already how important taking care of her brushes really is. As to what it is, well I'm not going to go into too much detail as its a topic that would put most heterosexual males to sleep. What it is is a shaper to put our brushes in after we have cleaned them so to keep them from fluffing out and it goes upside down so the moisture drains out of the brush rather then into the brush... You don't need to ask me why its important as she'll already know and again I don't want to bore you men to death. It retails for $29US. Brushes not included.

The Synthetic Precision Kit is another awesome choice as these brushes aren't the standard brushes you can find anywhere so again chances are she doesn't have ones like these yet. These brushes are amazing at getting into the harder to reach areas of the face like around the nose and under the eyes and because they are really dense/thick they are perfect for application and buffing. They can also be used for the eyes although I think they are better suited for her base/foundation. It retails for $46US.

The Eye Enthusiast
This girl loves playing up her eye whether it be a smokey dark look like you see above, bright colours or anything that makes her eyes stand out. If this sounds like your lady then here's my recommendations for you.

The Eye Shadow Palettes on Sigma Beauty have a nice selection of eye shadow colours that comes with a dual-ended brush for application and a mirror. The palettes come in three different sets including Dare (which is what you see below), Bare and Flare. Dare is for your Summer Sweetheart, Bare is good for your Night Time Dancing Diva and Flare is for your Feminine Flower. They retail for $35US each.

Another good gift is the Eye Kit which comes with 7 brushes. Each brush has a different purpose so she'll be able to do numerous eye makeup looks using this one set. It retails for $52US.

The Base Beauty
The base beauty can be two types of ladies which includes the girls who can't live without fuller coverage and the glowing skin lovers. Both have one thing in common no matter who your girl is and that is they want their skin to look amazing first and foremost above anything else. Now if this sounds like your damsel then here below are some gift ideas she'll be pleased as punch about.

The Synthetic Kabuki Kit is hands down the best choice from Sigma's wide selection of brushes when it comes to creating flawless skin and as these style brushes are quite unique to Sigma I doubt she would have anything like them already. These beauties can be used with liquid or powder and are amazing at buffing which will give her that airbrushes finish. She'll also be able to use them for her concealer, blush, bronzer, contour and highlight. This kit retails for $56US.

Show her your love with this Heart Shaped Mirror- Pink Safari. Being a base beauty isn't an easy thing for us girls and quite often your girl will have a touch up powder in her bag so that is why I recommend this gorgeous little mirror for your base beauty babe. She'll absolutely love this blinged up little compact mirror and will be the envy of every other girl in the ladies room. I've chosen the Pink Safari as my own preferred choice but there are plenty of other colours and patterns available to choose from including Savannah (black and silver tiger pattern), Wild Pink (pink and black leopard pattern), Pink Fire, Some Like it Hot! (red), Blue Lagoon, and Cleopatra (purple). They retail for $27US each.


The Mineral Minimalistic
The mineral minimalistic are the women who care about their skins health and generally prefer more natural looking makeup. Because of this they tend to be big enthusiasts of the light weight feel of mineral based products on their skin. Get into her good books with these gifts below.

The Hollywood Glamor Kit - Something About Marilyn will have her feeling like a movie star. I recommend this gorgeous kit as it comes with a retractable Kabuki brush which is the number 1 must have tool for ladies who are using mineral based powders. The reason why is because Kabuki's have a lot of bristles which makes them really dense and this is perfect for mineral powers as it will give her better coverage and really allow her to buff the product into her skin which will give a beautiful natural finish. It also comes with a stunning heart shaped compact mirror and satin red cosmetic bag, very Marilyn Monroe. It retails for $49US.

The Cleansing and Polishing Tool is another wonderful gift especially for the skin conscious and chances are your lady will get plenty of use with this. I've got a feeling that perhaps out of all the items I've recommended so far this will probably baffle most of you guys unless your a metro-sexual who's completely up-to-date on the world of skin care. To make this simple this is a skin cleansing and exfoliating tool that she would use while cleansing to ensure that the last traces of her makeup are removed and to exfoliate any dead skin cells. This is important for every women not just this category as going to bed with makeup still on can block their pores and cause nasty pimples and black heads. Quite often women who use mineral makeup have problem skin or are worried about their skin so they know already how important taking care of their skin is. It is also water resistant and can be used to exfoliate the body as well which are awesome added bonuses. This tool comes with a case for easy travel, the main tool which will need 2 AA batteries, and 3 brush heads including soft, medium and firm. This retails for only $39US.

The Vegan Vigilante

Now this girl is probably the easiest to pick as most men know already whether to take their ladies out to dinner to a steakhouse or that funky little Vegan friendly restaurant that just opened up around the corner. If the latter then these recommendations should fit in with her beliefs perfectly.

The Synthetic Essentials Kit will have your fur protester jumping for joy as these brushes are completely synthetic with absolutely no animal product used. Now this is perfect for the vegans as they believe in not eating, wearing or using any products that contain any part of an animal regardless if it's a cruelty free product or not (this includes milk, eggs, animal hair/fur...) and is one of the reason's why this brush kit will be perfect for her. Another reason why is due to the brushes quality, being a vegan can really narrow down her choices in brushes as most high quality brushes available on the market are in-fact natural bristles. This means she's probably used quite a number of inferior synthetic brushes over the years, but she needs no longer fear as synthetic brushes are rapidly becoming much better quality then they were a few years back and these brushes are leading the way as they have won the admiration of women all over the world vegan and non vegan alike. This kit retails for $99US.

The Hollywood Glamor Retractable Kabuki - Pink is another fine choice as again like the brush set above this is made with synthetic bristles. She'll definitely treasure this as its super soft and is perfect for travel due to its retractable function. It also comes in Black and there is also a flat top retractable kabuki in Purple which would be great for creams. This retails for $25US.
and finally...

The "My Guy Really Has No Clue"
Now just in-case there are still a few of you guys left that can't decide which category their girls belong in then I've also come up with 2 choices that I think any girl would still be thrilled with receiving. Of course it would have been ideal to have known what kinda makeup girl she is but hey I am dealing with the male brain here (no offense guys), men are from Mars after all hahaha.

First up is the 12 Brush Kit - Make Me Crazy - Purple (from the Make Me Up Collection). This is sooooo cute as it comes with a good selection of brushes with purple handles and a sleek professional looking brush holder which she can detach and use as two separate brush containers on her vanity. I chose the purple as its one of my favourite colours but it also comes in Make Me Classy - Black, Make Me Blush - Coral (looks more salmon pink to me) and Make Me Cool - Aqua. They retail for $109US each.

And last but not least is this super adorable MaxBag in Violet. From my experience I've found that most of us ladies love storing our makeup in pretty ways almost as much as we love our makeup. If you don't believe me then search makeup storage on youtube hahaha. This nifty cosmetic bag also comes in Bleu (Blue) and Noir (Black). They retail for $29US.

Also don't forget to check out Sigma's section for Special Deals, you may end up finding some of these items on a limited time only sale.

Just click on this link to be directed to the website... Sigma Beauty

Well that wraps up my first post on my "Gifts For Her - A Guys Guide". Thank you for reading and I wish you all happy shopping for the ones you love and a happy holidays.

This is not a sponsored post nor does Sigma know I am doing this post. I do have an affiliated link with Sigma online however the recommendations I give in this post are all in my honest and personal opinion.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Big Announcement!

So I'm sure that everyone is wondering where I have been for the past 5 or 6 months well there have been some major changes in my life which before now were only common knowledge to my family and friends. Well its about time I should spill because I'm sure you guys will be able to notice a few hints in my future video's but firstly I will share with you all what else has contributed to my absence (I think I have mentioned a few of this stuff in my blog before)...

Around the time of my last video months ago and till now there have been a whole bunch of things happening including family illness, quitting my job, becoming sick, working 7 days, moving house, and then when I actually started to have some spare time my mic on my ipad2 broke so I couldn't film aaahhh it just all seemed never ending... lol so these are the contributing aspects that have kept me away for so long and now onto my big announcement.......................

My husband and I are very happy to announce to all my followers and subscribers that we are expecting our first child!!!! =D & we are so over the moon about it!!!!

I'm currently around 6 months pregnant with a due date in February next year! As for the babies sex my hubby and I decided not to find out until the bubba is born =) so as you can imagine I'm dying with anticipation.

I might actually do a video as well to announce this or I might just do a video and ask that if your really interested just read this blog post. I'm sure there will be nosy bodies asking inappropriate or personal questions lol thats youtube for ya hahaha.

And there we have it, that was my big announcement. I only hope that once bubba comes that I'll still have time for you guys but before then you can count on more videos even though I am hating my fat pregnant face, I'll probably get more comments from ppl thinking I'm getting a divorce from my hubby coz I can't wear my rings right now (fingers and feet swell a little in pregnancy), and I'll be getting random viewers who don't know me commenting on my babies cott as we'll be setting one up next to my bed soon.

Anyways thanks for reading guys and keep an eye out for future video's of makeup tutorials inspired by baby poo colours hahaha just jokes =D

Friday, November 18, 2011

Modiva Video Review/Tutorial

Here is my long awaiting video review/tutorial on the Modiva Professional Curling Iron

hope you guys enjoy

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Beauty Style Lashes Mini Haul

.....This is my first post from the iphone Blogger app so plz forgive me if its not positioned right.....

Now I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this company to you guys before especially their lashes as I'm so amazed with their quality and price ($4.99AUD or it could also be $4.95AUD forgot sorry). Recently I stopped into my local PriceLine and decided to pick some more lashes up as Beauty Styles can only be bought at PriceLine stores in Australia (sorry international followers) and I find that every time I head into PriceLine to purchase some for the weekend they seem to be out of stock aaahhh so it's better to be prepared. Anyways this time I bought another set of individuals called 60's Girl Lashes which is now my fav kind of lashes to wear as I get so many compliments, they are very comfortable and come off easily in the shower. The other pair are a full length strip style lash called Diamond Lashes and I got these as I really liked the separation of the lashes for a more prominent look. Both lashes come with there own glue too although I prefer to use my own Duo Lash Glue coz I know I won't have to worry about the lashes coming off from my body heat or from skin oils. If your interested in where to buy Duo Lash glue in Australia it can be purchased from MAC, Inglot and I think Napoleon stocks it as well. I also highly recommend Revlon's lash glue if you can't find Duo. I couldn't recommend these enough although I must mention that if your new to false lashes then I wouldn't recommend the individuals until you've had plenty of practice with the full length lashes because the individuals can be very tricky unless you know what your doing. Enjoy your lashes guys :)

Left - Diamond Lashes, Right - 60's Girl Lashes

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Please Like My Page

Hi everyone, sorry I've been a little MIA lately on here, I've been constantly sick for the last week and a half and am still sick =( but I thought I would touch base here with everyone as I'm not sure when the next time I will be feeling strong enough to film.

Anyways I wanted to ask you all a favour, I have created a facebook page for my makeup freelancing and would be so happy if you could all please like my page. The page is called Lady Vain Makeup Artistry

Thanks for your support guys xx

Monday, June 13, 2011

MoDiva Professional 25mm Curling Iron

Hey everyone, this is my review on the MoDiva Professional 25mm Curling Iron that I received a few weeks back. I've been trying it out first so I could do a proper review for you guys and now here it is...

The MoDiva Professional 25mm Curling Iron is a clip-less curling iron that comes with a glove to protect you hand when curling your hair. This is the first time I have used a clip-less curler and I have to admit I'm impressed. I remember seeing loads of hair tutorials on youtube using clip-less wands and so tried doing the technique on my clip curling iron, however I didn't get the same results so I made the assumption that the a clip-less one wouldn't do much for my hair. Boy oh boy how wrong I was until this little beauty came to my door. I think it all comes down to the heat and how it is distributed; using my clip wand didn't work as the clip gets in the way and doesn't heat up as much as the wand. Where as the clip-less one maintains the same heat and I think its actually hotter.

I find that the curls that I make with this wand are more of a spiral wave that is more natural then the curls I get from curling my hair with my clip wand. I'm absolutely loving these loose curls as it gives me more texture and volume yet it holds all day. Love love love!
It retails for $89.95AUD, has 12 months warranty and it can purchased online from MoDiva Professional

I'm going to try to do a video demonstration on youtube once I get well, but for now here are some pictures...

Not the best picture of myself but I like my hair in this shot lol.

Also I noticed that MoDiva are having a giveaway where you can win 1 of 5 of their curling irons for yourself. The competition closes on the 30th of June 2011, simply visit MoDiva Giveaway for the details.

MoDiva kindly gave me this curling iron. I am not being sponsored for this post and I only ever give my honest opinion.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sportsgirl Raven Skull Ring

Today I'm really excited to show you all a ring I bought from Sportsgirl, its a raven skull style ring that I have been looking for at Sportsgirl stores for ages since I saw it online. It was the last one in store so its really lucky that I decided to check while I was walking past. I'm not really into skulls (besides mexican decorated skulls for day of the dead which I'm obsessed with) but I thought this would do really well in giving a flowing girly look an edge... & it only retails for $9.95.

Sportsgirl is one of my favourite clothing stores and here's a link to their website Sportsgirl

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Skinstitut Products

Hi everyone I've got some awesome news, recently I was in contact with Skinstitut (since I love their Gentle Cleanser so much) and they kindly sent me some amazing products to review for you guys. Prior to receiving the products I discussed with Skinstitut that I have combination dry skin, I'm conscious about preventing wrinkles (some have started to form on my forehead *cry*) and I have acne scars and brown pigmentation marks on my cheekbones that only just developed a year ago (another *cry*).
So they sent me the Moisture Defence for Normal Skin, the Even Blend Serum and the Vitamin C 100% along with a little brochure of their product range.

Left to right - Moisture Defence, Even Blend Serum and Vitamin C 100%

Now I've only had these products for about a week so I'll definitely have to do a follow up in a few more weeks, but I couldn't resist to share this with you all now. Here's my thoughts so far.

Moisture Defence for Normal Skin-
I really like this moisturiser as its more of a gel in consistency so it glides on beautifully, Skinstitut products are chirally correct which means its more active in its ingredients so you don't have to use as much, it has a lovely scent which to me kinda smells like kiwi fruit with a pop of zest but my partner thinks it smells like jasmine flowers. But the really awesome thing about this moisturiser is that it has a synthetic snake venom called SYN(R)-AKE which has excellent smoothing and anti-wrinkle properties. Here's a copy from their brochure about it that I find really interesting...

"SYN(R)-AKE is a new anti-wrinkle active compound based on a synthetic tripeptide that mimics the effect of a peptide that is found in the venom of the Temple Viper. This compound imitates the parts of the venom that block the neuromuscular contractions that cause facial muscle tension, thus relaxing the skins surface".

Cool right? So its kinda like Botox minus the pain and stiff face side effects LMAO. This is so far my favourite product out of the 3.

Even Blend Serum -
Now it really is a little too early so see any major differences yet as this product is used to lighten dark spots but I've taken a picture of my pigmentation marks prior to using this product so I can take another picture in a few weeks time to compare the 2. Now onto a little bit about this product... its a gel like serum with a red/pink tinge to it, its multitasking as it clarifies uneven skin tone while providing long lasting exfoliation (although I'm unsure how it exfoliates as its not abrasive at all), is chirally correct, and most importantly it reduces the appearance of uneven skin tone caused by sun exposure, skin inflammation and hormone imbalances. You can either use a small amount all over the skin or just apply it to the effected areas. Another thing is that when its blended in it feels a little sticky almost but once settled that goes away and my skin feels smooth =D. I can't wait to update you guys on this one in a few weeks.

and lastly...
Vitamin C 100% -
Wow I never even knew such skincare existed so I was a little dumb struck when I saw it and had to do a little research on this stuff before I used it. First this product is basically a white power like form of 100% Vitamin C which is known as a very effective ingredient within skin care and the packaging is exactly like loose powder makeup packaging that I find adorable. Now I know you guys must be really curious as to what this does and how do you apply it so let me shed some light on these things for you. This product is used to reduce the appearance of fine lines, enhance skin firmness and improve skin colour and tone, and as for how to apply it its recommended that you mix a little with their Even Blend Serum although you can also mix it with their other correctors or moisturiser. I've been mixing about half a pea size amount with a small pump of the Even Blend Serum but as for results its too early to tell just yet. Its also chirally correct like all of Skinstitut products.

Well thats it for now guys I hope you all found this informative and if you are wondering where you can find Skinstitut products just check out their stock list on the Skinstitut website for your nearest salon.

I wish you all amazing skin, luv jodie

I am not being paid to do this blog post and everything I say here and on my youtube channel is always my honest opinion.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Straightening My Hair Video

Just posting my quick little video of me straightening my hair while I was getting ready.
Hope all my Australian followers had an amazing long weekend.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Month of May Empties

Hey readers, this is my first ever entry for my monthly empties. I was inspired to do this after I saw a few blogs doing it. If you don't know what it is it's basically a monthly post of all the beauty products I have run out of from the previous month and a little review on each product. Its also a great way to encourage me to get through my products.

Lets get started...

TRESemme Healthy Volume Conditioner-
A cheapie but a goodie. Tresemme is by far one of my favourite drugstore haircare companies. I still love to use salon products but to me tresemme has been better then a lot of the ones I have tried from the salon. I didn't notice any improvement in my hairs volume but it did make my hair nice and soft and fresh. Would I repurchase? Yes.

Face of Australia Bronzer-
Wow I really love this stuff and I'm pretty sure I did a review on it here on my blog so scroll down a bit and you'll find it. I liked this because it didn't make me go orange, was nice and even and it was only $8 or $10. The only thing I don't like is the top nozzle as the cap can get in the way and cause build up. Would I repurchase? Yes.

Swisspers 80 Makeup Pads-
My go to for removing my makeup. I like them because they are soft and don't leave any pieces of fibre on my eyes. Would I repurchase? Yes.

Clinique 7 Day Scrub Cream (sample size)-
I quite liked this as the exfoliating beads were really fine. You do have to be careful though as it can be harsh if applying too aggressively. Would I purchase after trying this sample? No, even though I liked it I would prefer to buy cheaper exfoliating products.

Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Mild (sample size)-
Very standard, nothing special to me. I think it would be perfect for people with sensitive skin though. Would I purchase after trying this sample? No, too expensive for something so basic.

[A'kin] Pure Radiance Rosehip Oil-
I used this for weeks and never saw any sign of that beautiful radiance so many people said it gave them. That being said even though it didn't make any improvement to my skin it didn't make it any worse either. I should have known though as oil products never do anything for me. I ended up using the rest as a moisturiser on and arms and legs. Would I repurchase? No, I might as well get canola oil and use that LOL.

Clinique Rinse-off Foaming Cleanser (sample size)-
Wow I loooovvvveeedd this stuff. Sometimes I get lazy removing my makeup so I just jump in the shower and this stuff was so good at removing my makeup with the smallest amount. The formulation was absolutely beautiful too, the cream was like velvet but foams up like nothing else. Would I purchase after trying this sample? Yep, but not until I can afford it.

Clinique Superdefense SPF 25 Age Defence Moisturizer (sample size)-
I like this because it has SPF and I only needed a little bit so it lasted ages but I did notice that I had to be careful with it around my eyes as it did sting them a little. I also wasn't a fan of the pot style packaging, I know this is just a sample but I really do hate pot containers for skincare as every time you open it it is exposed to the light and air so the beneficial ingredients start to decrease in their efficiency a lot quicker then pump style products. Would I purchase after trying this sample? Probably not.

Bathox Bath Foam & Shower Gel Dry Skin-
This was a really cheap shower gel I picked up ages ago. It contains milk and honey and is soap free. I really liked the smell and it did a good job of foaming nicely. A good find for an inexpensive shower gel. Would I repurchase? Yeah, its a good staple to fall back on if I run out of my luxury shower gels and are to strap-for-cash.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

My Makeup Evolution

Hey, I thought it would be fun to post a whole heap of pictures of my journey/evolution with makeup. Enjoy...

As a girl I was a real tom boy climbing trees, ripping holes in my jumpers and making mud pies with my brother but besides this I was fascinated with my mums makeup. I remember fondly playing dress up geisha by putting baby powder on my face, adding my mums red lipstick and blush and when I would come out to show my Mum she would laugh her head off. Besides dress ups I was also allowed to wear lipstick for special pictures and school dances but up until I was 12 I wasn't allowed to wear makeup. In the picture above I would probably say I'm about 4 which was in 1991 but I can't be sure.

Again another picture of me before a family portrait. I would say I'm about 6 years old here which was in 1993. Don't you just love my fashion sense??? hahaha nah my mum chose the complete outfit but believe it or not what I would normally wear as a child is 10 times worse hahaha. Anyways as you can see I've got my Mum's red lipstick on again, I think the reason why I'm not scared to wear red lipstick (besides my asymmetrically, I explain this later in this post) is because I was so use to wearing it for special occasions.

AAAHHHH hate this! Age 16 in 2003. Thin brows and harsh black liner, a mistake made by a lot of teens and young adults. The liner makes my eyes look so small. I was pretty much clueless with makeup and hair till I discovered youtube. My mum and older sister only knew the very basics in makeup (e.g an eyeshadow goes on the eyes, a lipstick goes on the lips... hahaha).

I think I was about 19 or 20 here 2006/2007 and it is about the time I first started watching youtube beauty videos. Anyways this makeup is shocking to me you can really tell that I'm not wearing blush or bronzer, my eyebrows aren't even filled in and the eyeshadow is way too far up. I remember I use to do this with an eyeshadow sponge tip and I thought I was so awesome at it... NOT!

Here I'm starting to add a little bronzer and blush but as I'm still quite new to it I only wore very little but compared to other flash photo's I had before bronzer and blush this is a massive improvement. Also checkout my eyebrows SHOCKING!!! I'm so glad they grew back from this. I absolutely love the hair colour I had at the time though as it made my hair suuuuppppeeerrr shiny. I think I was 21 which was 2008.

Going natural, a long with makeup I also decided to get to know skincare better as good skin makes such a difference. 2008.

well well thats much better! Filling in my brows... what a difference it makes right? And as you can see it still looks natural. I know a lot of girls are scared of filling them in coz we see girls walking around with obvious lined brows but this proves that not everyone ends up looking like that. I've also started using highlighters to give my skin a nice glow. 2009.

Getting into tutorials on youtube =D. This pic is from my Twilight Victoria character makeup interpretation. Most of my looks are natural but I really wanted to master smokey eyes and after practice and using the right tools I finally mastered it. I first started doing natural brown smokey eyes then eventually started darkening them up and even adding colour. Also at about this time I was really getting into false lashes and thanks to numerous eye lash application tutorials on youtube I got the hang of it and if it wasn't for youtube I probably would never have even thought of trying them. 2009.

Loving my highlighter for a really dewy summer look. Highlighters are really important to me as I'm not a big fan of completely matte skin. 2009.

Smoking out your black liners really makes a difference. Harsh lines are not flattering ladies. Love doing this look although I think I've got a bit of sun burn on my nose hahaha. 2009.

Getting creative for Christmas. I just love watching halloween and theme inspired makeup tutorials. End of 2009.

One of my favourite looks as its really quick and isn't overly done. Again loving lashes. This was actually from my megan fox inspired tutorial. 2010.

OOOOooo my extensions how I miss them, I'm blonde now so I can't wear them anymore unless I dye them but that would ruin them. I really wanna get some closest to my hair colour now but I'm always going lighter every time I go back to the hair dressers, so I guess I gotta wait.
As you guys see I'm all about enhancing my eyes, I like lips too but I trend to prefer to keep them more natural as the asymmetrical shape of my lips really shows when I wear darker colour lipsticks. Also another interesting thing that you guys may have noticed is that my whole face is asymmetrical; One eyebrow and eye is higher then the other and one nostril is smaller then the other too. But I don't think it's a bad thing, most people have some form of asymmetrically with their face or body. One of my favourite actresses actually has a asymmetrical eyebrow and that is Vivien Leigh aka Scarlett from Gone With The Wind. 2010.

Again getting into creative looks and new techniques in achieving different looks. 2010.

Going Gaga for Lady Gaga. I absolutely love Gaga's creativity and she is a huge inspiration to me. I'm one of her little monsters =D. 2010.

Loveeeee dressing up and going to theme parties!!!! This was a saloon theme night for my friends birthday. You can't really see from here but I've got huge lashes on. But their nothing compared to the size of the lashes I have in the pic below hahaha... 2011.

This was my entry into elle and blairs spring inspired contest. Again I'm going for a more natural look with a few pastel colours on the eyes. I'm so proud of my hair here, along with makeup my skills in hair has also improved thanks to youtube. 2011.

Not the best quality picture sorry, but I thought I would include it as this is me with individual false lashes on. It took me awhile to try individual lashes on again as the first attempt was so shocking I just decided to give up and just stick to strip lashes. I've always been able to apply individual lashes on other people and am actually known as the eyelash queen at my old work so I thought to myself "if I'm so good at applying individuals on other people then why can't I do it on myself?" so I tried again and presto. I guess it all came down to experience and practice. Again this is proof that anyone can apply lashes, it all just takes practice. 2011.

and finally here is the most recent picture of myself taken only a few days ago. One of my most common looks - Natural golden eyes, black liner and coral lips. 2011

I encourage you all to post a makeup evolution on your blog too as I think its really good to show makeup beginners that its so easy to achieve the look you want and all it takes is the knowledge and practice.