Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Le Tan, Spray Tan Review

Hello peeps and welcome back to another episode of jodie's neglected blog hahaha Aight lets skip the jibajaba and get this mini review/ pro's and con's on the road for Le Tan's Le Tan in Le Can which is an Australian drugstore spray tanner so I'm sorry if your in another country and can't get your hands on this. I'll most likely do a video review on this too so I'm just gonna skip the extra long paragraph that most bloggers do on reviews and just break it down in a very easy to read pro's and con's table. Ain't I nice?

  • easy to apply
  • isn't orangy
  • comes in a lighter shade and darker shade
  • even though it still smells like self tanner it isn't as over baring
  • very affordable and easily available in australia
  • safe for body and face
  • didn't get flaky on my skin
  • I used the lighter shade (since I have fairer skin) and I pretty much had to use the whole can for 1 use to get the shade I wanted. I'll be trying the darker shade next time to compare though.
  • you still have to wait something like 8 hours (sorry I don't remember) before showering. But thats to be expected for a drug store spray tanner.
  • didn't last as long as I would have hoped
  • when applying you have to make sure that you have a tissue or something to remove the residue that builds up on the spray otherwise you'll get big blotches on your tan

Thanks for checking out my blog guys and as a reward I have posted this super cute pic I found. I want hello kitty ears for my kitty! Love you all xx

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