Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Contest Entry Video for Elle and Blair

Here in my entry for Elle's & Blair's Spring Contest. I had so much fun making this and I hope you guys enjoy it =D.

P.S I filmed this on my birthday =)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

What I'm Reading Video

need some inspiration on what books to read? See what I'm reading and recommend me a few good reads too

Friday, March 18, 2011

Inglot Brushes

Here is the list of my Inglot Brushes along with their prices in Australia. Unfortunately there are a few brush prices that I don't quite remember.

*UPDATED 21/04/2011
Inglot in Australia has gone through some price increases so these prices are no longer accurate. From what I have seen most items have only gone up by a few dollars so it is still affordable.*

Brush Belt-
  • Black Belt (PS Black) - somewhere between $75AUD to $85AUD

Face Brushes-
  • 1SS large powder brush - $60AUD
  • 27TG stippling foundation brush - $60AUD
  • 25SS buffer powder brush - $80AUD
  • 15BJF blush brush - $40AUD
  • 3P angled powder brush - somewhere between $35AUD to $45AUD
  • 21T foundation brush - $30AUD/$35AUD?
  • 22T concealer brush - $22AUD I think

Eye Brushes-
There are too many prices to remember. The price range is from about $13AUD up to $35AUD
  • 4SS large blender brush (I use as a highlighting face brush)
  • 6SS medium blending crease brush (fluffier larger one in my video)
  • 28PO large application brush (I use on the brow bone)
  • 29PO application brush (I use as an under eye concealer brush too)
  • 19P blending crease brush (the one I compare with my MAC 217)
  • 16PP application brush (one of my favourites)
  • 80HP pencil smudging brush
  • 9S application brush (very flat and compact, good for concealer and wet eyeshadows)
  • 11S application brush (I actual use as a lip brush)
  • 13P application brush (small and good for the inner highlight)
  • 17TL angled brush (I use mainly for brows)
  • 31T angled brush (I use for mainly for eyeliner
  • 23T thin eyeliner brush
  • 30T thin angled eyeliner brush

Lip Brush-
  • 12S - between $20AUD to $35AUD
Checkout their full range on their website here 'INGLOT COSMETICS' or for US prices and online store (USA only for now) please visit here 'INGLOT USA'

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

SkinCareRX & Apothica 20% off for March

Hey all just doing a quick post to share an awesome coupon code for SkinCareRX and Apothica online. For March receive 20% off your purchase. Below I have copied and pasted the info. I should be receiving some stuff from them soon so keep an eye out for reviews =). Underneath I have added a little pic just to make my blog look more interesting. For anyone who likes twilight they will understand the humour in this pic hehehe

Coupon Code: MARCH20
*cannot be combined with any other offer, including rebate and affiliate promotions. Some brands excluded. No Cash Value.

**expires March 31, 2012