Friday, March 18, 2011

Inglot Brushes

Here is the list of my Inglot Brushes along with their prices in Australia. Unfortunately there are a few brush prices that I don't quite remember.

*UPDATED 21/04/2011
Inglot in Australia has gone through some price increases so these prices are no longer accurate. From what I have seen most items have only gone up by a few dollars so it is still affordable.*

Brush Belt-
  • Black Belt (PS Black) - somewhere between $75AUD to $85AUD

Face Brushes-
  • 1SS large powder brush - $60AUD
  • 27TG stippling foundation brush - $60AUD
  • 25SS buffer powder brush - $80AUD
  • 15BJF blush brush - $40AUD
  • 3P angled powder brush - somewhere between $35AUD to $45AUD
  • 21T foundation brush - $30AUD/$35AUD?
  • 22T concealer brush - $22AUD I think

Eye Brushes-
There are too many prices to remember. The price range is from about $13AUD up to $35AUD
  • 4SS large blender brush (I use as a highlighting face brush)
  • 6SS medium blending crease brush (fluffier larger one in my video)
  • 28PO large application brush (I use on the brow bone)
  • 29PO application brush (I use as an under eye concealer brush too)
  • 19P blending crease brush (the one I compare with my MAC 217)
  • 16PP application brush (one of my favourites)
  • 80HP pencil smudging brush
  • 9S application brush (very flat and compact, good for concealer and wet eyeshadows)
  • 11S application brush (I actual use as a lip brush)
  • 13P application brush (small and good for the inner highlight)
  • 17TL angled brush (I use mainly for brows)
  • 31T angled brush (I use for mainly for eyeliner
  • 23T thin eyeliner brush
  • 30T thin angled eyeliner brush

Lip Brush-
  • 12S - between $20AUD to $35AUD
Checkout their full range on their website here 'INGLOT COSMETICS' or for US prices and online store (USA only for now) please visit here 'INGLOT USA'

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