Sunday, May 29, 2011

My Makeup Evolution

Hey, I thought it would be fun to post a whole heap of pictures of my journey/evolution with makeup. Enjoy...

As a girl I was a real tom boy climbing trees, ripping holes in my jumpers and making mud pies with my brother but besides this I was fascinated with my mums makeup. I remember fondly playing dress up geisha by putting baby powder on my face, adding my mums red lipstick and blush and when I would come out to show my Mum she would laugh her head off. Besides dress ups I was also allowed to wear lipstick for special pictures and school dances but up until I was 12 I wasn't allowed to wear makeup. In the picture above I would probably say I'm about 4 which was in 1991 but I can't be sure.

Again another picture of me before a family portrait. I would say I'm about 6 years old here which was in 1993. Don't you just love my fashion sense??? hahaha nah my mum chose the complete outfit but believe it or not what I would normally wear as a child is 10 times worse hahaha. Anyways as you can see I've got my Mum's red lipstick on again, I think the reason why I'm not scared to wear red lipstick (besides my asymmetrically, I explain this later in this post) is because I was so use to wearing it for special occasions.

AAAHHHH hate this! Age 16 in 2003. Thin brows and harsh black liner, a mistake made by a lot of teens and young adults. The liner makes my eyes look so small. I was pretty much clueless with makeup and hair till I discovered youtube. My mum and older sister only knew the very basics in makeup (e.g an eyeshadow goes on the eyes, a lipstick goes on the lips... hahaha).

I think I was about 19 or 20 here 2006/2007 and it is about the time I first started watching youtube beauty videos. Anyways this makeup is shocking to me you can really tell that I'm not wearing blush or bronzer, my eyebrows aren't even filled in and the eyeshadow is way too far up. I remember I use to do this with an eyeshadow sponge tip and I thought I was so awesome at it... NOT!

Here I'm starting to add a little bronzer and blush but as I'm still quite new to it I only wore very little but compared to other flash photo's I had before bronzer and blush this is a massive improvement. Also checkout my eyebrows SHOCKING!!! I'm so glad they grew back from this. I absolutely love the hair colour I had at the time though as it made my hair suuuuppppeeerrr shiny. I think I was 21 which was 2008.

Going natural, a long with makeup I also decided to get to know skincare better as good skin makes such a difference. 2008.

well well thats much better! Filling in my brows... what a difference it makes right? And as you can see it still looks natural. I know a lot of girls are scared of filling them in coz we see girls walking around with obvious lined brows but this proves that not everyone ends up looking like that. I've also started using highlighters to give my skin a nice glow. 2009.

Getting into tutorials on youtube =D. This pic is from my Twilight Victoria character makeup interpretation. Most of my looks are natural but I really wanted to master smokey eyes and after practice and using the right tools I finally mastered it. I first started doing natural brown smokey eyes then eventually started darkening them up and even adding colour. Also at about this time I was really getting into false lashes and thanks to numerous eye lash application tutorials on youtube I got the hang of it and if it wasn't for youtube I probably would never have even thought of trying them. 2009.

Loving my highlighter for a really dewy summer look. Highlighters are really important to me as I'm not a big fan of completely matte skin. 2009.

Smoking out your black liners really makes a difference. Harsh lines are not flattering ladies. Love doing this look although I think I've got a bit of sun burn on my nose hahaha. 2009.

Getting creative for Christmas. I just love watching halloween and theme inspired makeup tutorials. End of 2009.

One of my favourite looks as its really quick and isn't overly done. Again loving lashes. This was actually from my megan fox inspired tutorial. 2010.

OOOOooo my extensions how I miss them, I'm blonde now so I can't wear them anymore unless I dye them but that would ruin them. I really wanna get some closest to my hair colour now but I'm always going lighter every time I go back to the hair dressers, so I guess I gotta wait.
As you guys see I'm all about enhancing my eyes, I like lips too but I trend to prefer to keep them more natural as the asymmetrical shape of my lips really shows when I wear darker colour lipsticks. Also another interesting thing that you guys may have noticed is that my whole face is asymmetrical; One eyebrow and eye is higher then the other and one nostril is smaller then the other too. But I don't think it's a bad thing, most people have some form of asymmetrically with their face or body. One of my favourite actresses actually has a asymmetrical eyebrow and that is Vivien Leigh aka Scarlett from Gone With The Wind. 2010.

Again getting into creative looks and new techniques in achieving different looks. 2010.

Going Gaga for Lady Gaga. I absolutely love Gaga's creativity and she is a huge inspiration to me. I'm one of her little monsters =D. 2010.

Loveeeee dressing up and going to theme parties!!!! This was a saloon theme night for my friends birthday. You can't really see from here but I've got huge lashes on. But their nothing compared to the size of the lashes I have in the pic below hahaha... 2011.

This was my entry into elle and blairs spring inspired contest. Again I'm going for a more natural look with a few pastel colours on the eyes. I'm so proud of my hair here, along with makeup my skills in hair has also improved thanks to youtube. 2011.

Not the best quality picture sorry, but I thought I would include it as this is me with individual false lashes on. It took me awhile to try individual lashes on again as the first attempt was so shocking I just decided to give up and just stick to strip lashes. I've always been able to apply individual lashes on other people and am actually known as the eyelash queen at my old work so I thought to myself "if I'm so good at applying individuals on other people then why can't I do it on myself?" so I tried again and presto. I guess it all came down to experience and practice. Again this is proof that anyone can apply lashes, it all just takes practice. 2011.

and finally here is the most recent picture of myself taken only a few days ago. One of my most common looks - Natural golden eyes, black liner and coral lips. 2011

I encourage you all to post a makeup evolution on your blog too as I think its really good to show makeup beginners that its so easy to achieve the look you want and all it takes is the knowledge and practice.

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