Monday, May 23, 2011

Skinstitut Gentle Cleanser Review

I always get compliments on my clear skin but I must assure you all that my skin hasn't always been like this. My skin has gone through a lot and it has taken some perfecting in products to get to the skin I have today. So today I would like to share with you all my favourite cleanser.

This review is on Skinstitut's Gentle Cleanser

I first came across this awhile back when I attended a special night event at a Beauty Salon and on that one night they were offering 50% off their Skinstitut range among other things. So I thought I would support the salon and purchase something. Little did I know how amazing this cleanser would be for my skin.

Before I started using this cleanser my skin was starting to break out and the cleanser I was using at the time just wasn't penetrating my skin to do its work. The ladies at the salon told me that Skinstitut products are chirally correct which basically means that the ingredients are more active at doing their job. So naturally this caught my attention. Here is a copy and paste from the Skinstitut website to explain things clearer about what chirally correct is.

"Skinstitut uses combinations of highly active cosmeceutical ingredients with Chiral Technology to achieve a purified, safe yet highly effective product range.

Chiral technology ensure that only the most effective side of molecule is being used, this means that it will be more active, creating a more purified, concentrated and effective result.

Skinstitut cosmedical formulations are Chirally Correct, artificial fragrance and paraben free to ensure maximum efficacy and results orientated skincare."

From the very first use I noticed that the cleanser foamed up nicely and removed every last trace of my makeup, it didn't dry out my skin either which most cleansers do and the best thing is that after about a week I was pleasantly surprised to see that my skin was clearing up and pimples became almost non existent from then on.

This product is all thumbs up for me and I just really wanted to share this with everyone. If there was any down side to this brand it would be the packaging just because its so simple but at the end of the day if they put this stuff in a take away container I would still love it hahaha.

here is their website where you can find the nearest salon that stocks Skinstitut

*I am not being sponsored by Skinstitut and this is my honest opinion.

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