Thursday, May 26, 2011

Too Faced Lash Injection Review

Only about 2 months back I finally got my hands on the highly raved about Too Faced Lash Injection Mascara and I can't believe it has taken me soooo long to get it. And now that I have used this mascara in plenty of scenarios its time for me to give you guys my honest review.

  • The packaging is actually really basic compared to other mascaras I have had.
  • The mascara wand is quite large in comparison to my finger, but I imagined this guys to be monstrous from all the reviews that I heard. I hardly notice the size and find there is no issues with its thickness when I'm applying it on.

Things I like about this mascara is that it thickens my lashes which a lot of other mascaras don't, it covers nicely, sets quick, and doesn't smudge or flake. Another really cool thing about it is that it literally smells like orange juice. I remember reading somewhere that the reason why too faced did this is so that once its time to throw it away that sweet orange smell will start to get stinky to let us know. These are all good things in my books but my favourite thing about this mascara is how easy it comes off.

When removing my eye makeup I use an oil based eye makeup remover (or baby oil) which does wonders however I find that with some mascaras a little still remains and I end up with a little bit of panda eyes. However when I remove too faced lash injection mascara with my normal oil based eye makeup remover it comes off onto the cotton pad like little pieces of fibre and that means no panda eyes =D. So on days when I know I'm going to not wanna spend so much time removing my makeup afterwards (all nighters) this is my go to mascara.
However as much as I love this mascara there is a down fall and that is its price (in Australia). Its expensive and I understand that quality costs more but mascaras perish so quickly and I honestly don't want to pay so much so often. I'm yet to find a drugstore mascara that I love but I'll continue my search. If you guys have a drugstore go to mascara that you love please let me know! However I must mention that I will not try maybeline, covergirl, rimmel, l'oreal and a few others as they test on animals and in order to abolish animal testing we need to stop the demand for these companies.

Anyways if you guys were wondering where to find Too Faced you can purchase them at Kit Cosmetics store or online. I got mine online from Apothica

Thanks for reading guys xx

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