Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Skinstitut Products

Hi everyone I've got some awesome news, recently I was in contact with Skinstitut (since I love their Gentle Cleanser so much) and they kindly sent me some amazing products to review for you guys. Prior to receiving the products I discussed with Skinstitut that I have combination dry skin, I'm conscious about preventing wrinkles (some have started to form on my forehead *cry*) and I have acne scars and brown pigmentation marks on my cheekbones that only just developed a year ago (another *cry*).
So they sent me the Moisture Defence for Normal Skin, the Even Blend Serum and the Vitamin C 100% along with a little brochure of their product range.

Left to right - Moisture Defence, Even Blend Serum and Vitamin C 100%

Now I've only had these products for about a week so I'll definitely have to do a follow up in a few more weeks, but I couldn't resist to share this with you all now. Here's my thoughts so far.

Moisture Defence for Normal Skin-
I really like this moisturiser as its more of a gel in consistency so it glides on beautifully, Skinstitut products are chirally correct which means its more active in its ingredients so you don't have to use as much, it has a lovely scent which to me kinda smells like kiwi fruit with a pop of zest but my partner thinks it smells like jasmine flowers. But the really awesome thing about this moisturiser is that it has a synthetic snake venom called SYN(R)-AKE which has excellent smoothing and anti-wrinkle properties. Here's a copy from their brochure about it that I find really interesting...

"SYN(R)-AKE is a new anti-wrinkle active compound based on a synthetic tripeptide that mimics the effect of a peptide that is found in the venom of the Temple Viper. This compound imitates the parts of the venom that block the neuromuscular contractions that cause facial muscle tension, thus relaxing the skins surface".

Cool right? So its kinda like Botox minus the pain and stiff face side effects LMAO. This is so far my favourite product out of the 3.

Even Blend Serum -
Now it really is a little too early so see any major differences yet as this product is used to lighten dark spots but I've taken a picture of my pigmentation marks prior to using this product so I can take another picture in a few weeks time to compare the 2. Now onto a little bit about this product... its a gel like serum with a red/pink tinge to it, its multitasking as it clarifies uneven skin tone while providing long lasting exfoliation (although I'm unsure how it exfoliates as its not abrasive at all), is chirally correct, and most importantly it reduces the appearance of uneven skin tone caused by sun exposure, skin inflammation and hormone imbalances. You can either use a small amount all over the skin or just apply it to the effected areas. Another thing is that when its blended in it feels a little sticky almost but once settled that goes away and my skin feels smooth =D. I can't wait to update you guys on this one in a few weeks.

and lastly...
Vitamin C 100% -
Wow I never even knew such skincare existed so I was a little dumb struck when I saw it and had to do a little research on this stuff before I used it. First this product is basically a white power like form of 100% Vitamin C which is known as a very effective ingredient within skin care and the packaging is exactly like loose powder makeup packaging that I find adorable. Now I know you guys must be really curious as to what this does and how do you apply it so let me shed some light on these things for you. This product is used to reduce the appearance of fine lines, enhance skin firmness and improve skin colour and tone, and as for how to apply it its recommended that you mix a little with their Even Blend Serum although you can also mix it with their other correctors or moisturiser. I've been mixing about half a pea size amount with a small pump of the Even Blend Serum but as for results its too early to tell just yet. Its also chirally correct like all of Skinstitut products.

Well thats it for now guys I hope you all found this informative and if you are wondering where you can find Skinstitut products just check out their stock list on the Skinstitut website for your nearest salon.

I wish you all amazing skin, luv jodie

I am not being paid to do this blog post and everything I say here and on my youtube channel is always my honest opinion.


  1. How is the even blend serum treating you? does it work well for acne marks/hyperpigmentation :)

  2. How is the even blend serum treating you? does it work well for acne marks/hyperpigmentation :)