Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Beauty Style Lashes Mini Haul

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Now I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this company to you guys before especially their lashes as I'm so amazed with their quality and price ($4.99AUD or it could also be $4.95AUD forgot sorry). Recently I stopped into my local PriceLine and decided to pick some more lashes up as Beauty Styles can only be bought at PriceLine stores in Australia (sorry international followers) and I find that every time I head into PriceLine to purchase some for the weekend they seem to be out of stock aaahhh so it's better to be prepared. Anyways this time I bought another set of individuals called 60's Girl Lashes which is now my fav kind of lashes to wear as I get so many compliments, they are very comfortable and come off easily in the shower. The other pair are a full length strip style lash called Diamond Lashes and I got these as I really liked the separation of the lashes for a more prominent look. Both lashes come with there own glue too although I prefer to use my own Duo Lash Glue coz I know I won't have to worry about the lashes coming off from my body heat or from skin oils. If your interested in where to buy Duo Lash glue in Australia it can be purchased from MAC, Inglot and I think Napoleon stocks it as well. I also highly recommend Revlon's lash glue if you can't find Duo. I couldn't recommend these enough although I must mention that if your new to false lashes then I wouldn't recommend the individuals until you've had plenty of practice with the full length lashes because the individuals can be very tricky unless you know what your doing. Enjoy your lashes guys :)

Left - Diamond Lashes, Right - 60's Girl Lashes

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