Saturday, November 19, 2011

Big Announcement!

So I'm sure that everyone is wondering where I have been for the past 5 or 6 months well there have been some major changes in my life which before now were only common knowledge to my family and friends. Well its about time I should spill because I'm sure you guys will be able to notice a few hints in my future video's but firstly I will share with you all what else has contributed to my absence (I think I have mentioned a few of this stuff in my blog before)...

Around the time of my last video months ago and till now there have been a whole bunch of things happening including family illness, quitting my job, becoming sick, working 7 days, moving house, and then when I actually started to have some spare time my mic on my ipad2 broke so I couldn't film aaahhh it just all seemed never ending... lol so these are the contributing aspects that have kept me away for so long and now onto my big announcement.......................

My husband and I are very happy to announce to all my followers and subscribers that we are expecting our first child!!!! =D & we are so over the moon about it!!!!

I'm currently around 6 months pregnant with a due date in February next year! As for the babies sex my hubby and I decided not to find out until the bubba is born =) so as you can imagine I'm dying with anticipation.

I might actually do a video as well to announce this or I might just do a video and ask that if your really interested just read this blog post. I'm sure there will be nosy bodies asking inappropriate or personal questions lol thats youtube for ya hahaha.

And there we have it, that was my big announcement. I only hope that once bubba comes that I'll still have time for you guys but before then you can count on more videos even though I am hating my fat pregnant face, I'll probably get more comments from ppl thinking I'm getting a divorce from my hubby coz I can't wear my rings right now (fingers and feet swell a little in pregnancy), and I'll be getting random viewers who don't know me commenting on my babies cott as we'll be setting one up next to my bed soon.

Anyways thanks for reading guys and keep an eye out for future video's of makeup tutorials inspired by baby poo colours hahaha just jokes =D


  1. Congrats, that's fantastic news!!!! There is no better reason for your blog and video absence than this. Many many greetings from germany, Sternchen :-)

  2. Congratulations! That's such a relief that the announcement is good news. And don't worry- I hear that pregnancy gives you a beautiful glow :D

  3. How wonderful to hear such lovely news! Congratulations! Warm wishes from America :)

  4. Congrats Jodie! Such wonderful news!!