Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fashionably Pregnant in Summer

Ok so this is based mainly on my sense of style and experience from my own pregnancy so some of these tips I'm giving you may or may not be your cup of tea but I thought I would share anyway as there isn't much out there on the web about staying fashionable or it's for an older generation that just doesn't suit the 20's to early 30's range.

If your reading this now your probably at your wits end with browsing online maternity stores that are way over priced and are just down right boring with their styles. Sure they are comfortable and most likely very good quality but do you really think your going to be wearing it much after your pregnancy? I don't think so. So let's get into my tips, tricks and my recommended must haves for your summer pregnancy wardrobe.

1. Like I said above you don't need to be spending all this money on maternity clothes especially in today's world where big flowy tops and materials are in and there are plenty of none maternity stores that sell a variety of clothes that will fit you for a really cheap price. In Australia check out Temt, Alley, Valley Girl, Supre, Chica Booti... And for the US checkout Forever 21 and stores like it. You'll be surprised what you'll find. The key is this... Stretchy, baggy, flowy, longer, 1 or 2 sizes up to allow your belly to grow. However this being said there has been one maternity clothing purchase that has made my life so much easier and comfortable and this is a pair of fitted black stretchy maternity jeans from Just Jeans (the same ones in the picture). I hardly wear them anymore as its so hot now that I'm always in dresses but when you do need to wear pants coz it's colder or it's for work I do highly recommend purchasing 1 pair of maternity jeans. I think these retailed for about $90AUS.

2. Combining fitted stretchy dresses that allow you to grow with loose flowing material. My favourite example of this is a basic long singlet style dress with a sleeveless see through nylon type button up top like the ones you see in the picture. This style really shows off your bump but teamed up with the flowy unbuttoned top over the top softeners the look and makes it less riskAe. Also I find that the longer the flowy top the better when your wearing a shorter dress.

3. Combining textures. This is a really easy way of breaking up a look so you don't end up looking like 1 big round pregnant lady. Think thick lace worn with soft thin material, bold patterns worn with simple colours. This could involve a casual hippy style maxi dress with a unbuttoned neutral blazer.

4. For work - A belly belt/band, now luckily I didn't have to buy one of these but this may be very useful and a big money saver for the women planning on working well into their pregnancy or if your pregnant in the winter time. You've probably heard of these before but if not I'll explain them to you now. What it basically is is an extender for your pants so you can go on as long as possible wearing your non maternity pants. A very ingenious invention and something I would definitely recommend however be warned that eventually your just going to get too big and it's not going to be able to do the trick anymore.

5. Maxi dresses are a pregnant woman's best friend because they are just so simple to wear, comfortable and really easy to dress up with accessories. Make sure you have a few of these in your wardrobe ready to go.

6. Maternity Bra's- now I let myself get pulled into the "you must get fitted for a maternity bra at 4 months". What a load of poo poo guys you don't need to be fitted for an actual maternity bra till your milk comes in and that is when your baby comes (unless your boobs balloon like crazy which mine didn't). I believe this as all pregnancies are different so the girl fitting you couldn't possibly know that the bra she's telling you you have to get will even fit you when the time comes. When I got fitted the cups were way too big to wear before the bub arrives and my rib cage expanded so much that the band was just too tight. If your bra is still fitting you the same way it did before pregnancy then stick to that size for now and when you hit that 4 month mark put all your underwired bras and restrictive pushups away and go for nice comfy bras and crop top bras. You'll need to wear this type of bra from now on so not to block any milk ducts that are starting to produce the small amounts of the babies first milk.

7. Accessories - These can be another best friend of yours but if your not careful they can also be your worst nightmare. Here's my simple rule... if your wearing something that's quite bold already then go for more dainty pieces like the leaf necklace in the picture or the stud earrings. If your in something more casual and neutral dress it up with a bold chunky piece of jewelry like the thick beaded necklace or the big cocktail ring in the picture. Necklaces and rings would have to be the easiest things to accessorize your outfit but when your pregnant it can be harder to pull off big earrings and bracelets. I find that pregnant women wearing big earrings just seem to look more round and heavier unless they wear their hair up, their outfit has a more V shaped necklace and they keep their outfit and other jewelry more neutral. With bracelets it's important not to go too over board. Wear 1 or 2 bracelets instead of a full arms worth as this cuts off the arms and makes them look short and stubby. Also aim for more loose dainty jewelry like the Tiffany & Co. bracelet in the photo rather then thick bracelets or cuffs as again these cut off the arms. Now as for any married or engaged women who have found that they can no longer wear their engagement rings because of pregnancy swelling in the hands. I recommend buying a cheap faux engagement ring in a larger size with a bit of room just incase you swell even more later on. And lastly don't forget about hats! Even if your really good with keeping your hair intact there will come a time when you just can't be bothered and a cute summer cowgirl hat will hide your laziness.

8. Been invited to a wedding or formal event while your pregnant? Scared that your not going to be able to find anything to wear? Well don't panic and follow these tips to find that something special. The first and most crucial tip I have to offer on dressing for an event is to not purchase the outfit till 1 to 2 weeks before the event. I made this mistake by buying a dress 2 months before a wedding and I bought it a little bigger thinking I would fit perfectly in it... Wrong! It ended up being too small and I had to get it altered, not fun guys. The second tip is to go for long dresses so you can wear comfortable flat shoes, you don't want to be uncomfortable in heels or risk falling over. And thirdly choose a dress that is more of an emperor/Grecian style meaning that the band is high off the belly and just under the breast. This looks amazing on pregnant women as it really shows off the belly in a feminine way and allows non restriction on your belly so you'll be a lot more comfortable. Checkout the pictures of the long formal dresses in the picture.

9. Shoes - This has to be by far the hardest thing to look for when your pregnant and I highly discourage purchasing any unless you desperately need them (not want, NEED). I say this as my own feet and the feet of many other pregnant women tend to get a bit of swelling that actually increases your shoe size. Don't worry it does go down for most women after pregnancy but this is why I don't recommend shoe shopping as you would most likely have to go to an expensive specialty shoe store that carry a range of shoes (ugly old lady shoes mostly) that are of a wider sizing. And again like I said with most maternity clothes "what's the point in spending so much if your not going to be wearing it for long?" so just stick to flat open shoes and I would only recommend purchasing a wider step shoe if its for work. Think of it this way instead of buying shoes you can use the money on pedi's instead.

I hope this helped guys =D

I made this collage from mostly affordable stores (except the Tiffany bracelet) this induces
Alley, Supre, Just Jeans and Diva.

I am not being affiliated, sponsored or paid to do this post.


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