Thursday, April 5, 2012

Depotting Lipsticks

Hey guys this is a simple guide on how to depot your lipsticks. There are many reasons why people depot their lippies and to name a few they would be to make more space in their collection, MUA's can do it for space, mixing colours & finding the right lipstick quicker in their kit, you've reached what you think is the bottom of your lipstick (trust me there's more product in there), & it's great for when your traveling & you don't want to bring so many separate tubes. My reasons for doing it are for space in my professional kit & coz a few were nearly finished.

For this I have chosen to depot a few of my Inglot lipsticks.

What you will need-
• Small metal spatulas (some craft & cosmetic stores sell these)
• Butter knife
• Paper towels/tissues
• Container of your choice (I have chosen these cute little craft containers that I bought from the $2 store)
• A microwave
• & the lipsticks 'der' haha

Step 1- Prepare
Make sure lipsticks have been wiped down if used so there are no germs & prepare area by laying down paper towels as this can get mess.

Step 2- Cut & Transfer
Take metal spatula and gently use it to cut the lipstick off the tube. Place the lipstick in one of the containers then go back to the tube and scrape out the rest of the lipstick with the spatula. Use the butter knife to help get any lipstick stuck to the spatula into the container. Gently smoosh the lipstick in the container so it melts easier. This isn't essential but is a good idea if you have a microwave that isn't very good at distributing heat evenly.

Step 3- Melt
Place container in the microwave once all spaces have been filled and heat for 12 seconds at a time checking to see if it has melted enough. This may vary slightly depending on your microwave. Do not heat it for more then 15 seconds for each cycle you put it in the microwave as you could over heat the product. Be careful when handling the palette as it may be hot.

Step 4- Set
Take the palette and place it in the fridge for at least an hour. Once set its ready for use.

See it really is that easy & this has been my first attempt at doing it. Sure it's a bit messy & if you like your lipsticks looking pretty then this probably isn't the best option for you but it's great doing it if you need the space & convenience.

Finally I must add that in order to get the best life & use out of these is 1. Keep it up right so it doesn't melt on hotter days & leaks, 2. If using on clients scrape a little bit out rather then directly placing a brush or finger in the product & 3. If you want to view the names then a good idea is to write the names on little round stickers & stick them on the bottom or top of the container on each colour.

Happy Depotting Guys :D



  2. This is great! Whereabouts did you get those palettes from?

    1. Hey they are actually little craft containers that I got at a $2 stall :)

  3. Such a fabulous idea! x

  4. Had never heard of doing that until now!!