Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Top 10 Baby Products

Hey guys, I've been wanting to dedicate a post to the baby products Lois & I can't live without. I know this blog is dedicated to beauty so I'm sorry but rest assure not all my future blog posts will revolve around babies. However if anyone wants any more posts about anything motherhood e.g quick routine for busy new mums... then just let me know & I'll try to post it.

In no apparent order I have chosen 10 items that I love and recommend to other parents...

1. Avent Pacifiers
- I'm a big fan of Avent & have quite a number of their bottles & their sterilizer which I found to be superior to other well known brands and their pacifiers are well worth the money. The reason why I love them so much is because they don't leave any indents on my baby which so many other dummies do & because it doesn't make my bub gag. Purchased from Big W.

2. Muslin Wraps
- I have heaps of these & I can't leave the house without one or two. They are perfect for baby spit up. Nappies for vomit haha. Purchased from Kmart.

3. Rite Aid Nursing Pads
- Nursing pads are a must for breast feeding Mothers. I've tried many from the really cheap ones to high end ones & these are now my go to choice. I prefer these as they are absorbent, comfortable but mostly due to their packaging being in pairs like shown in the picture. It makes it quicker & easier to locate & throw away the packaging & for a mother with a screaming infant anything that makes this even a little less complicated is a bonus. I purchase from Woolworths & Coles.

4. Body Sleeping Bag Suits
- Love these as my baby sleeps so well in them. Purchased from Best & Less.

5. Lansinoh
- I didn't even know this existed until a midwife recommended it to me after having issues with breast feeding. This stuff really helped heal my damaged nipples & made breast feeding more tolerable in that first week. The best thing about it is that you don't have to wash it off before breast feeding as its safe for baby. Purchased from my local Chemist.

6. Curash Nappy Rash Cream
- I've tried all the other nappy rash creams & have found this to be the thickest with the best protection for my baby. I use it regularly to help prevent nappy rash.

7. Medela Swing Breast Pump
- I think that an electric breast pump is a must for a mum BFing. It's great having it to prevent blocked ducts or worse mastitis for when your bub has those times when they don't finish or for when you need to go out without your baby. I hired the Medela hospital grade pump for 6 weeks while I was trying to establish breast feeding & so when I did finally establish it I decided to stick with Medela since it worked so well and is recommended by most Australian Hospitals. I purchased from my local Chemist.

8. Huggie's Nappies
- even though they are more expensive then other brands they really are more comfortable on our babies little butts. I encourage mums to think about reusable nappies too though. I have been contemplating trying some reusables to help reduce landfill now that Lois doesn't poop as much as she use to. I purchase at a lot of places depending on where theres a special.

9. Huggie's decorated wipes travel case by Eddie & Me
- Looooovvvvveeeee this!!!! Who says we have to stick to plain packaging. I see lots of other mums see it with envious eyes and if they ask I always tell them it's by Eddie & Me. You can purchase from etsy.com just search Eddie & Me.

10. Soft Mushroom Rattle
- I love it because it's sooooo cute & once my baby can purposely grab things I know she's less likely to hurt herself with this unlike hard plastic rattles. I forgot what company it is but if it helps I bought it from Mathilda's Markets. You might be able to find the company on their Perth listings online.

Well that's my top 10 guys. Thanks for reading & please leave a comment :D